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First companies receive certificate for sustainable biomass

Today colza farmer Van Gorsel was the first producer in a liquid biomass chain to receive the new NTA 8080 certificate. Last friday Vagroen, collector and processor of woody residues was the first for solid biomass. By means of the ‘NTA 8080 approved’ certificate, companies can prove that the biomass that they produce, trade, process or use is sustainable. The certification system can be applied to liquid, solid and gaseous biomass that is used to generate energy or for the production of fuels.

During the launch of the certification system on januari 26 in Rotterdam, Ruud Lubbers, chairman of the council of the Rotterdam Climate Initiative allready emphasised that It doesn’t start with enforcement and legislation, but with companies that decide for themselves to operate in a responsible way.

Now, hardly a month later, the first two companies supported this statement by obtaining the ‘NTA 8080 approved‘ certificate. They were part of the six companies that signed the declaration of intent during the launching event, declaring that they would undertaken actions to become certified. Other companies that signed were Eneco, AgrenNewEnergy, Biocandeo and Delta Milieu.

Statements of the certified companies

  • Arend de Wagenaar, director of Vagroen: Biomass is going to play an important role in the supply of energy. The technology is developing fast. The supply of biomass is diverse. Buyers however, need their biomass according to steady supply schedules with agreed quality criteria and more and more according to explicit sustainability criteria. Sustainable biomass is produced in an environmentally friendly way and contributes to the well-being and prosperity of the local community. The NTA 8080 certificate helps us to demonstrate that.
  • Wim van Gorsel, arable farm Van Gorsel: As a farmer, I traditionally value sustainability. I find it important to take care of my fields as a responsible steward and to maintain its quality for following generations. The NTA 8080 certificate helps my company to demonstrate sustainability of the biomass from its source. I aim at sustainability from producer to user.

Issuing certificate to Van Gorsel

left to right: Eric Evers (DEKRA) Jan Wesseldijk (NEN) Wim van Gorsel (Arable farm Van Gorsel)

Download Statement of Intent

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